Thursday, March 4, 2010

What's that noise?!

So, I have another memory to post. And Hans is at the store, so I have a few minutes. This one is more recent, although still several years ago. We (my parents and most of us kids) moved to Washington state in 1999. We've moved back and forth between Mount Vernon and Burlington, as they're kind of a joined city.

Anyhow, about a 40 minute drive away is Oak Harbor, which is on Whidbey Island. Also on this island is a Navy base. In fact, you have to drive past it to get to Oak Harbor. So the loud roar of planes suddenly overhead is not at all unusual. This is key to my story.

My sister, Sharmin, and I were always going out to Oak Harbor for singles activities with others from our church. So much, in fact, that the trip almost just seemed like a hop and a skip away.

One day, she and I were in the backseat of my parents car, with mom in front of me and dad behind the wheel, heading to Oak Harbor. I can't remember if anyone else was in the car, but I don't think so. So we're just talking, the radio may or may not have been on, and mom was reading.

Out of nowhere, my dad jerks the car onto the shoulder of the road and starts ducking his head around trying to look out the windows!!

Sharmin and I sat bolt upright at this, trying to figure out the reason for dad's suddenly frantic behavior. It finally clicked. An airplane, which we had become so accustomed to, had just zoomed (unexpectedly) overhead.

Meanwhile, mom drops her book and is literally screaming, "Jack! What is WRONG with you?!"

Tears of laughter streaming down our cheeks, Sharmin and I were finally able to choke out to mom what had just happened (we had to, seeing as our usually low-key father was still scanning the skies.) She was still visibly upset. Dad, however, now assumed a very sheepish look as he eased back onto the road.

I still can't get the full story out all in one shot. My poor husband had to watch as, trying desperately to keep a straight face, I collapsed into a fit of giggles when I told him this story. I get animated.

To my dad's credit, though, there may have been good reason for his behavior. After all, he did serve in the military for 13 years.


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