Thursday, March 11, 2010

Natural Cures

I have been doing some research lately about natural remedies for different ailments. What I've found has been phenomenal! Let me tell you just a couple that I've started using.

Apple Cider Vinegar - to cure athlete's foot, condition my hair, aid in weight loss, and helps balance my pH.

Cayenne Pepper - ALSO cures athlete's foot, also aids in weight loss, boosts blood circulation, clears sinuses, helps with thyroid issues (I think mine is underactive), boosts energy, stops bleeding, and warms the body(not just on the inside).

I've been most excited about discovering this stuff about cayenne since I found out that my mom's cousin had her take some after she had a stroke, and she was just fine. I take in in a little shot mixed with water. I also mix it with my ACV and sip it throughout the day. But my favorite is putting it in my socks. It actually does warm my feet! This is especially great at night, when I'd usually have a problem falling asleep because my feet are so cold. Even when my booty socks slipped off during the night, the powder that had got between my toes stayed and was enough to keep my feet warm all night! It's important to me because I'm pretty sure I have thyroid hands and feet have suddenly become freezing cold no matter what I do. It's very irksome!

Anyhow, so those are my two favorites. Keep them in mind, try them, whatever you want.


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  1. I think your blog is great! Interesting, positive and well written. I hope you keep it going.

    Peryl (parenting ad absurdum)