Thursday, March 11, 2010

Weekend Plans Ruined

I was SO EXCITED to be getting rid of a lot of stuff this weekend. I didn't even care that it's been cold. I went outside into the freeziness and worked real hard to organize things so they'll be prepared for my 'free sale' this weekend. I don't care that I'm not making any money. I just want it all GONE.

So, I plowed my way through, not caring about anything that would stand in my way. That is, until I stopped feeling my fingers. I went inside to warm up, and decided to check the weather forecast.

Rain. Lots of rain.

I can't work with the RAIN!!! I have fabrics, electronics, wood, leather! I can't put this stuff out in the rain!! Geez! So now I'm inside, futilely trying to get warm...I'll explain that another time.

It's my fault, really. Not the rain, of course. The lack of knowledge about the weather in advance. I was just too excited, I never bothered to check before.


So this stuff sits in our garage area still, for at least another week. Aw, well. It's been there for months already...what's one more week?


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