Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Nine Weird Things

So, I like to read a certain blog from this hilarious mother, and she talked about some list she heard of about 9 weird things kids do. Only she was disappointed, because the things listed weren't weird at all. They were fairly normal. So she made up her own list from her son, and encouraged her readers to do the same. Since I don't have kids, I had to borrow from my sis. So this list is about one of my neices.

Nine Weird Things Kieltaa Does:

1. Stuffs herself until bursting, then tries to continue eating with tears streaming down her cheeks because her tummy hurts.

2. Will sometimes drink El Pato straight from the can like it's juice. (this is more like a 'used to' thing)

3. Constantly makes "lists" (neat little rows and columns of scribble...very orderly) and passes them out to random people.

4. With a disgusting look and (again) tears streaming down her face, absolutely refuses to spit out the fresh rhubarb that she hates so much.

5. Stands up in her crib yelling "Mommy, no! No, mommy! I don't like it! Open the door! Mommy, no! Open the door! I don't like it!" if she hears anyone in the hall outside her room during naptime. (Actually, this happened every single day...but it was when she was small enough for a crib)

6. Will get angry at me for pouring water on her...when she's sitting in the pool.

7. Throws herself into my arms, sobbing uncontrollably, until she can calm down. Then when I ask her what's the matter, she straightens up, wipes her now-red eyes, and says, "I don't want to tell."

8. Will look at strangers who have just praised her beautiful red hair, completely blank faced and un-appreciative, and say, "I know. Everyone says that."

9. Gives herself commands, or sometimes comfort when things don't go her way. Out loud. Ex: "It's just cause Autumn is a BABY, that's why she gets to go first." and "Don't sit in the little chair, Kieltaa. Sit in the comfy chair this time." Oftentimes these things are said right when there is a anyone standing nearby gets an earful, on the spot, about what she really thinks when she doesn't get her way, etc.


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